Carole Allen

Carole Allen , MD, MBA

Board Member

Carole Allen, MD, MBA is a board certified pediatrician with extensive experience in clinical practice, practice administration, public health and health care policy. Before retiring from clinical practice in 2011, Dr. Allen was聽Director of Pediatrics for Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, where聽she was responsible for oversight of the health care of more than 70,000 children. From 2012 through 2017, she served on the Board of the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission that was created to improve quality of care while reducing total medical costs.

Dr. Allen represented New England on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and served two years as president of its Massachusetts Chapter.聽Under her guidance, the Chapter engaged state officials in discussions of the role of the medical home, focused on the importance of investing in early childhood to pave the way to lifelong health and success, and partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in obesity prevention and tobacco protection initiatives. Dr. Allen is Immediate Past President of聽the Massachusetts Medical Society, and served as聽president of the Tufts Medical Alumni Association.

Dr. Allen is also a community leader in her town of Arlington, where she has helped to develop and enforce regulations restricting the use of tobacco in public places.聽 As Chair of the Tobacco Free Mass Coalition in 2004, she helped to pave the way to establish Massachusetts as a smoke-free workplaces聽state.